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The Georgia Plant Food Educational Society serves as an information conduit among University of Georgia System Researchers, Manufacturers, Dealers, Government agencies, and ultimately; growers. The vision, “To Bring Key Players Together On Common Ground” began in 1951, and it continues to enhance the exchange of information throughout the industry; and is even more important today than it was back then. Our aim, however, remains the same.

The Certified Crop Adviser program, CCA, has taken these efforts to a new level. The coveted CCA designation and continuing education has brought professional recognition to the Ag industry much as the CPA designation did to the accounting industry decades ago. There is a growing and hungry world waiting for their next meal. Through alliances like those provided by the Georgia Plant Food Education Society, the Ag Industry in the United States will be well prepared to feed this hungry world. Moreover, they will be able to provide abundant, safe, and nutritious food that is grown based on sound and safe agronomic principles.

Mission & History

In 1951, a group of agribusiness leaders met to address the growing problem of current late-breaking information being disseminated throughout the plant food industry in a timely manner. This group took the initiative to link together the key players in the industry to government regulators and research. Thus GPFES, The Georgia Plant Food Education Society, was born.

For over 70 years GPFES has provided a conduit for the timely passing of information throughout the plant food industry. By acting as a key player in promoting the Certified Crop Advisor program (CCA), this organization has taken professionalism and the latest in education and training to new heights in Georgia. By providing this conduit for training and information, Georgia dealers and growers are provided with the latest in research and technology in a timely manner that is unprecedented in American agriculture.

Plant food manufacturers, material suppliers, dealers, government agencies, and researchers at various University of Georgia colleges have come together as a result of these relationships and years of efforts. By each doing their job, and keeping each other informed, they have enabled Georgia agriculture to remain on the leading edge of technology and has provided our Growers with one of the finest agronomic support systems in the nation. We in Georgia agriculture will continue to strive to provide a means for the ultimate goal, to provide our nation and the world with an abundant and safe supply of affordable and nutritious food and fiber.

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